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mesbah1A Brief Biography of Dr. S. M. Kazem Mesbah Moosavi
a. Graduate of Elmiyeh seminary in Qom with more than 25 years of study and research. (He Actively participated in courses offered by Grand Ayatollah Wahid Khorasany, Grand Ayatollah Shaykh Javad Tabrizi, Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani, Grand Ayatollah seyed Mohammad Rowhani, and Grand Ayatollah Bahaoddini).

b. Professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Jurisprudence in Elmiyeh Seminary of Qom

c. Representative of Supreme Religious Authorities (Grand Ayatollahs)

d. Ph.D. in Philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy from McGill University in Montreal)

e. Teaching Experiences:
- McGill University
- Tehran University
- Amir Kabir University
 f. Member of Research Group in Sociology (the Office of Research Cooperation of Elmiyeh Seminary and University)    
g. Member of Research Group in Philosophy
h. Researcher in Psychology of Happiness
i. Researcher in Sociology of knowledge

j. Participation in number of academic conferences in different universities in Canada, including McGill University, Concordia University, University of Toronto, Calgary University, University of Alberta as well as Some universities in U.S.A. (like Bighampton University)

k. There are hundreds of students who participated in courses offered by him in different universities

L. There are hundreds of cassets and CD's of his lectures regarding different subjects in both Persian and English    

m. Author of Some Published and Non-Published Books and Articles:

 1. A Critical Analysis of Douglas John Hall's Contextual Theology

 2. Substantive Motion According to Mulla Sadra

 3. A Critical Analysis of Cotextualism (Contextuality and Contextualization) Part 1

 4. A Critical Analysis of Contextualism Part 2

 5. A Critical Analysis of Cotextuallism Part 3: The Problem of Douglas J. Hall and Dr. Abdolkarim Soroush in Contextualization of the Concept of God

 6. Psychology of Happiness: The Ingredients of Happiness According to the Modern Psychology and Islam Part 1

 7. Psychology of Happiness: The Ingredients of Happiness According to The Modern Psychology and Islam Part 2

 8. Psychology of Happiness: The Ingredients of Happiness According to The Modern Psychology and Islam Part 3

 9.  Psychology of Happiness: The Ingredients of Happiness According to The Modern Psychology and Islam Part 4

 10. Dialogue with Dr. Soroush About the Two theories of Obligation (taklif) and Right (Haqq)

 11. Addressing Adolescent Crisis in the light of Psychology and Islam
 12. The Controversial issue of Stoning in the Bible and the Quran (Interview with Dr. Mesbah Moosavi)

 13. Religious Pluralism

 14. Presuppositions of Dialogue with others

 15. A Critical Analysis of Alfred Cantwell Smith's Article: Is The Quran Word of God?

 16. A Critical Analysis of Urgen Motlmann on the Concept of God

 17. Historicism and Relativism

 18. A Critical Analysis of Theology of Cross

 19. A Critical Analysis of Hartshorne's Process Philosophy

 20. Interaction of Religion and Culture

 21. Analysis of The Theories of Alienation
22. The Fundamental Teachings of Islam ( A text written By by Dr. Mesbah Moosavi and has been Taught for a number of times in Tehran University.

    Dr. Kazem Mesbah Moosavi was born in 1335 A.H. solar in the City of Mashhad, Iran. He is the third son of the late, Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mesbah Moosavi, the founder of shahriyeh in Mashhad. He founded more than 20 charity institutions, including Hospital, Library, Clinic, Schools in Mashhad. He also founded 5 collections of residences, which includes tens of houses for poor, orphans and underprivileged of the Provence of Khorasan. The office of Ayatollah mesbah Moosavi is still offering number of services to the society, including the largest Shia directory in internet (www.shiasearch.net) , and a 24 hour Islamic TV with the name of Haditv in four languages.
    Dr. Mesbah Moosavi and his wife, Mrs. Ameneh Mottaghi (the founder and The Chief Editor of the bilingual Hodda Magazine)  have founded the Islamic Iranian Centre of Imam Ali, where thousands of Iranians refer to regarding their religious, social, cultural, and family issues.

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